Monday, April 20, 2009

Ferrari sportsbike trend

This trendy looking sportsbike inspired through the brand name Ferrari would be absolutely impressively different as of all the other two-wheelers within the market and it will perhaps give the impression of being like this one within the picture.

The theory behind the design is absolutely exclusive plus involves the principles of aerodynamics with latest technology to empower this exotic looking sports bike with high speed and enhanced performance level.

The black shade teamed through energetic yellow or gloomy red is the trademark of Ferrari and these are the colors used in the motorcycles.

Monday, April 13, 2009

honda toxic sports bike

This trendy looking sports bike at the present comes up with the jaw dropping designs and concepts that Honda brings ahead.

Honda V4 concept has come up with a toxic sports bike that proposes a new bike design trend for new toxic sports brand.

This model is intended to indicate the beginning of an innovative era. This bike has V4 engine and it is clearly shown in the design. The hub less wheels are fixed with all-enveloping cowls which most likely support in reducing drag.

This toxic sports bike concept was exposed at the 2008 Intermot bike show in Germany. Overall, this bike is going to offer a new look to all the bike riders with outstanding performance.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It’s concept car by Alex Hodge

This eye candy is a concept car by Alex Hodge It’s a single-seat car and it is amazingly suits today’s urban desires. kinda look of star wars car

The beauty named ‘Hawk’ is power-driven by Honda RC51 V-Twin 999cc engine have a top pace of 233 kilometers per hour as well as it has three 19inch lightweight alloy wheels to hold it which be in turn set with both rear and front disc brakes so its finest of both worlds be it driving within the fast lane or stopping in a urgency.

The concept car of course ensures with the purpose of the rider is safe bearing in mind the protection provided therefore giving the comfort of a car and the cruise of a bike.

So Go ahead and own the roads.

Friday, April 10, 2009

compact bicycle

Antares Lift is a modern foldable plus space saving bicycle idea to be projected for the cycling lovers along with green traveler.

This notion bicycle is a pace away as of the conventional mechanical visual and carries in some organic elements that are found in nature.

The design gets the motivation from the orchid leaf and the sketch of a tear drop and several outstanding features includes single-speed drive, rear and front brakes and an integrated set of energy efficient LED tail and headlamps.

You can fold up the bike by simply lifting up the center frame, let the rear and front wheels roll in near each other and click.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ruby rocking chair

Ruby rocking chair isn’t presently a usual rocking chair. Pouyan Mokhtarani, the designer of this chair things, this chair model is some sort of strange torturing mechanism that contain particular water-filled cushions designed for every butt cheek.

Ruby chair is equipped by means of two huge liquid pillows at the seating area to distributes the stress of your body weight as well as reduce the temperature of your certain body areas.

approaching the clutch will let you to rock the chair slowly and incessantly doing that determination offer a faster rock.

By reviewing all the calculations and graphics completed by Mokhtarani, Ruby rocking chair is actually leaving to be a symbol of comfort.

Monday, April 6, 2009

BMW hottest gaming computer of 2009

BMW Group Design works USA introduces the PC tower style model as a result of their hottest gaming computer.

This PC tower concept “Level 10” is a combination of functionalizing and philosophizing ahead of the eye-catching factors presently like most of the other Design works development.

The design team was enthusiastic for this approach as of the computer industry and has made this machine with innovative game gears, virtual townscapes and expressiveness.

Every top-notch module featured by this prototype is enclosed with its own protecting case, depiction it as a vital element of the design and guaranteeing transportability and interchangeability.

Furthermore, the idea contains the finest possible cooling mechanism which is moreover exceptionally important designed for the hardcore gaming machines.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Innovative Toaster of 2009

Imagine how about u be able to see bread tost to make it as much as brown and crispy your toast should be this innovative "Toaster" design can give you this. It uses particular heating glass to warm a single slice of bread.

but this concept is under consideration of production because glasses do not get to a high adequate temperature by this time to really toast the bread. Hope they make some innovation in this too up till then wait for its launch.